How NetEnt Developer Operates

By 24 October 2020

NetEnt is a renowned slots developer that features special, uncapped prizes that add an extra appeal to the gaming industry. NetEnt was launched in 1996 with a primary aim of offering casinos with immersive gaming solutions. You can scroll through and try the handful of casino games created by NetEnt on website.

How do online slots created by NetEnt operate?

NetEnt seems to have mastered the art of developing casino games. Engaging gameplay, 3D imaging, and awarding prizes are a given when you play NetEnt slots. Create and verify your brand new account with online casino and earn your first no deposit bonus free spins. The offer is readily available for iGamers who're above 18 years.

NetEnt slots have classic features, vast payouts, and high dispersion as compared to games designed by competitors. The system behind the operation of online slots is the Random Number Generator (RNG). NetEnt uses RNG and variance to ensure gamers have equal chances of winning. Every spin you make is independent, and the casinos don't determine who emerges the winner.

  • NetEnt slots operate under RNG and variance where every gamer have higher/equal chances of winning.
  • All gamers are assured of fair game conditions.
  • NetEnt games differ from those of direct competitors as they feature high payouts.

Can online casinos change the RTPs of NetEnt slots?

NetEnt has a comprehensive list of casino games that includes table games, jackpots, video slots, classic slots, video powers, and live dealer games. All these slots are located in NetEnt's serves. This means online casinos only acts as intermediaries and do not have the jurisdiction to adjust the gambling software or change the payout percentage.

On the contrary, online casinos are permitted to collect money via withdrawing and depositing of funds and create bonuses for their potential gamers. However, casinos that are powered by NetEnt are supposed to present the bonus offers to NetEnt for approval before listing them for players. The company takes pride in agreeing to bonus offers that benefits gamers.

How does NetEnt determine the slot status?

All the slots created by NetEnt are available in both paid and free variations. The free variants are meant to help gamers familiarise themselves with the betting rules, wagering requirements, bet limits, and payouts procedures. The developer thrives in meeting your gaming needs and satisfaction. Take advantage of the free mode before upgrading your gaming career.

How does NetEnt offer customer support to gamers and online casinos?

Whether you're an iGamer with a question regarding your favourite slot or owner of an online casino inquiring about an integration module, NetEnt has the most responsive customer support. The developer offers support via emails, phoning system, and Google forms available on the 'Contact Us' page. You can also get in touch with the support staff via Facebook.

  • NetEnt offers 24/7 customer support via reliable platforms such as live chat, Youtube, and Facebook.
  • For iGamers based in London, Malta, Stockholm, and Kiev, you can visit the established physical customer care offices.

Is NetEnt licensed and regulated?

NetEnt is a reliable developer that is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities such as the Malta Gambling Commission and the Uk Gambling Commission. These regulatory authorities are responsible for overseeing the general operations of the developer and checking whether all the slots meet the gaming standards. With NetEnt, security, fairness, and satisfaction standards are matched to the core.

The Bottom Line

In the gambling industry, NetEnt has secured its rightful place by winning gamers' attention. The developer has an extensive list of popular casino slots that are entertaining. Additionally, the developer has a career module for gaming experts who can play a role in developing and testing the released slots. NetEnt got you covered in all gaming aspects.